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Bankend Rig, South Lanarkshire

Brindley provided a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and comprehensive suite of assessment graphics supporting Wilson Renewables’ proposal for a now consented extension to a wind farm in South Lanarkshire.

Our graphics package included all required baseline GIS analysis, visibility mapping and visualisations. All visualisations were produced in accordance with Scottish Natural Heritage Visual Representation of Wind Farms (December 2014) guidance.

Our scope of provided GIS & visualisation services included:

  • Viewpoint location plans;
  • Landscape Character Types analysis and plans;
  • Landscape Designation analysis and plans;
  • Visibility mapping (ZTV’s and Cumulative ZTV’s);
  • Suite of SNH compliant visualisations in support of the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA);
  • Suite of SNH compliant visualisations in support of the Cultural Heritage assessment;
  • Suite of reference visualisations created on-site using Ventus AR software in support of the Residential Amenity Assessment (RAA);
  • Production of Viewpoint Pack visualisations for use on site by consultees and stakeholders;
  • Site Design and Layout Iteration;
  • Constraints Mapping; and
  • Graphic Design for Presentation Documents.

Survey & Ass (1)- Large Scale Wind Bankend Rig Photomontage