Development Planning

Brindley understands the importance of providing robust, defensible and creative information to promote and inform strategic development opportunities

We provide a range of professional masterplanning and supporting consultancy services to developers and land agents seeking to promote the allocation of development land across Scotland.  We take a realistic and pragmatic approach when providing our clients with creative, but evidence based responsive masterplanning services that deliver sustainable, high quality environments.  Our strong knowledge and experience with Environmental, Landscape, Ecological and Visualisation services enable us to deliver and communicate innovative and practical information to promote development.

Brindley provides a wide range of development planning services including EIA Coordination, LVIA & EcIA reporting, development frameworks and masterplanning. As an experienced multidisciplinary consultancy, we provide pragmatic, cost effective and integrated assessment and design solutions that recognise the complex and multi- disciplinary of the wide range of linked disciplines involved in a project’s life cycle.

Our comprehensive Development Planning services include;

  • Evidence based spatial & development frameworks
  • Development zoning and density studies
  • Design iteration and mitigation strategies
  • Development massing analysis
  • Development frameworks
  • Urban design & development layouts
  • Townscape assessments
  • Masterplan documents
  • Design & Access Statements
  • Consultee engagement and liaison


  • Community consultation and exhibition design
  • EIA Co-ordination and project management
  • Strategic assessments
  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • Spatial data searches and desk based analysis
  • Visibility mapping and line of sight analysis
  • Data processing
  • Habitat and Vegetation Surveys and Mapping
  • Management planning and habitat creation
  • Protected species licensing
  • Terrain modelling and analysis
  • Bespoke map creation
  • Site photography
  • SNH compliant verified photomontages
  • 3d modelling of structures and development proposals
  • CGI visualisations for all scales of development
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments
  • Residential Amenity Assessments
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Vegetation and protected species surveys
  • Phase 1 and Extended Phase 1 Surveys
  • Species monitoring
  • Tree condition surveys & Arboricultural Impact Assessments