Environmental Services

At Brindley, we understand the importance of an informed, pragmatic response when working with environmental services and concerns. We appreciate the significance and wider impact of environmental interests on a project’s approval and development.

We provide solutions relevant to the pre and post-planning application stages of a project, including initial scoping work and mitigation allowing the discharge of planning conditions. Our strong knowledge and experience with Environmental, Landscape, Ecological and Visualisation services enable comprehensive and efficient solutions.

Brindley provides a wide range of environmental services including environmental surveys, reporting, mitigation and legislation consultancy. As an experienced multidisciplinary consultancy, we provide high quality, cost effective environmental solutions, that take recognition of the wide range of linked disciplines involved in a project’s life cycle.

Our Environmental services include;

  • EIA Co-ordination and project management
  • Strategic assessments
  • Site appraisals
  • Visibility mapping and line of sight analysis
  • Ecological habitat assessment
  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) provision
  • European Protected Species (EPS) licencing
  • European Protected Species surveys


  • Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)
  • Spatial data searches and desk based analysis
  • Visibility mapping and line of sight analysis
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments
  • Residential Amenity Assessments
  • Township assessments
  • Viewpoint photography
  • SNH compliant verified photomontages
  • 3d modelling of structures and development proposals
  • CGI visualisations for all scales of development