GIS and Visualisation

Brindley’s GIS & Visualisations team provides a complete graphics support service.

Our team understands the challenges associated with illustrating development proposals and their predicted effects to planners, local communities, investors and potential buyers. Each member is cross trained in a number of our required skills and software packages, hold current driving licenses and are trained photographers experienced in the requirements of NatureScot, Highland Council and the Landscape Institute.

We supply tailor-made solutions and graphics support regardless of project size or complexity, and can offer our services as either stand-alone items or as part of a suite of services. Our visualisations strive to represent proposals as accurately as possible, whilst our photomontages and GIS mapping always follow relevant guidance.

As part of an integrated consultancy, we are able provide efficient and cost effective solutions, assisted by the extensive knowledge and strength of support of our internal Landscape, Masterplanning, Environmental and Ecology departments.

Our GIS & Visualisation services include;

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Spatial data searches
  • Design iteration and mitigation strategies
  • Development massing analysis
  • Bespoke map creation
  • Visibility mapping and line of sight analysis




  • Site photography
  • On-site interactive visualisations, utilising Ventus AR for iPad
  • NatureScot / Landscape Institute compliant verified photomontages
  • 3D Modelling
  • Architectural, exterior and interior visualisations
  • Interactive and animated walk-throughs
  • 3D floor plans, cut-throughs and sections
  • 2D rendered masterplans


Graphic Design

  • Production of presentation boards for community consultations and exhibitions
  • Design of presentation documents
  • Design of interactive iPad documents
  • Collation of drawings from various consultees to standardise graphic styles within a document
  • Design of PowerPoint presentations
  • Production of drawing and document templates