Landscape Design

Brindley’s Landscape Design team provides a full and comprehensive landscape design and masterplanning consultancy service.

Our team of Landscape Architects are able to deliver robust and practical landscape design advice relevant to your project’s requirements.  Supported by in-house Landscape Technicians and our GIS and Visualisations team, we supply tailor-made solutions regardless of your project’s size or complexity.

We are an established provider of evidence-based and responsive masterplanning to deliver sustainable and high quality environments.

Our team includes Landscape Institute accredited Chartered Landscape Architects, and each member is cross trained in a number of our required skills; all team members are computer literate, hold current driving licenses and are trained photographers experienced with Landscape Institute requirements.  

As part of an integrated consultancy, we are able to provide efficient and cost effective solutions, assisted by the extensive knowledge and strength of support of our internal Landscape Assessment, Ecology and GIS & Visualisation departments.

Our Landscape services include:

Landscape Design

  • Site Visits
  • Feasibility Studies and Concept Design
  • Landscape Sketch Design and Cost Estimates
  • Client and Consultee Liaison
  • Landscape Design Iteration
  • Hard and Soft Landscape Design
  • Landscape Specification
  • Landscape Maintenance and Management Plans
  • Landscape Mitigation Proposals and Strategies
  • Detailed Design for Tender and Construction
  • Landscape Project Management
  • Contract Administration including Inspection of Works and Snagging Reports


  • Indicative and concept masterplans
  • Evidence based spatial masterplans
  • Development frameworks
  • Development zoning
  • Massing and density studies
  • Development modelling and visualisation
  • Urban design
  • Development layouts
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Design & Access statements
  • Masterplan Documents
  • Graphic Design for Presentation Documents

Graphics and Visualisations

  • Defensible Graphics
  • 3D Modelling
  • Visualisations and Verified Photomontages
  • Graphic Design for Presentation Documents

Planning Policy, Guidance, Legislation and Regulation Advice

  • National, Regional and Local Planning Policy Compliance and Advice
  • Best Practice Guidance Compliance and Advice
  • EU and UK Legislation Compliance and Advice
  • Assessments for Projects likely to affect designated landscapes or designated historic landscapes, including National Scenic Areas (NSAs), Special Landscape Areas (SLAs) and Gardens & Designed Landscapes (GDLs).